Stock options offer the opportunity to buy equity in the company at a later date.

1] What was the most recent appraisal ?
When this happens, the value of the stock options falls.

2] How big the discount would be, compared to preferred shares?

3] Can you tell me how the options are valued?
If the stocks weren’t values by Fair Market Value standards, then the “discount” you’re getting might not really be a discount.

4] What is the Vesting Schedule?
Eg: 3yr / 4yr

5] What is the cliff?
Eg: 1yr, you will get 25% and then 1/48 months of options everyday.

6] What is the trigger? What happens when then company gets bought…

A world-class company cannot retain its strategic edge unless talent pool which it comprises of isn’t retained. An organization should not only be magnet for extremely talented individuals, it also has to restrict churn by ensuring extraordinary talent are managed with extraordinary care.

1. Culture

Fostering an environment of extraordinary success and consistent outperformance will ensure a culture where top performers compete for thrill of it while others wither away. Birds of a feather flock together and extraordinary talents stick around for similar reasons.

2. Cut the petty stuff

Extraordinary people are focused on ideas and their tolerance for petty…

If you can automate it, you should.

DevOps and SRE culture’s are all about automation and making your life easier, there is no debate on that but what about solving chaos between internal teams.

Once in a while you stumble upon problems that are present in clear sight but people just aren’t able to see. And that’s when you can experiment with your skillset. Even if it doesn’t work, you might as well learn a few things along the way.

I earlier wrote an article about solving problems that have the greatest impact.

This is a much detailed writeup towards what was built and how it came…

A simple question with a complex answer.

Is it when he/she is able to solve the most complex leetcode questions? or is it when others rely on them for help when they are blocked? Or if they are the only goto person they can think of?

Throughout my career, I’ve met multiple engineers in my field. Some having senior titles while some lead while some staff engineers. And this made me wonder what truly makes an individual a senior other than tenure at a company. …

Simplified to its core, a shell really doesn’t do a whole lot: it loops forever, reads commands from the user, then executes them. When a program finishes executing, it displays that program’s output.

a. The shell reads the input, from the getline function STDIN (Standard Input), parses the input and its arguments (if supplied any). The shell also checks if the input entered is an alias of a sort, and expands the relevant value.

For eg: top -o cpu

b. The shell looks for a program file called top where all the executable files are in the system (usually the $PATH variable)

The $PATH variable is a list of directories the shell searches every time a command is entered. $PATH, one of the environment variables, is parsed using the ‘=’ as a delimiter

They just don't care about us. We are too minuscule compared to them.

  1. An advanced species is rarely interested in getting to know someone less smart than them just like we are not interested in getting to know our neighbors who cannot have a decent conversation.
  2. If they are an advanced species they have heard and seen us already. They saw our wars, our greed, religions, how we handle the earth, and thought: “Nah.”
  3. What if the radio is so primitive that it simply is not used by intelligent beings? What if there is a way to send signals faster than light? …

It is the worst decision I ever made and I regret it. every. single. day.

I like to save. I don’t follow the 80–20 rule, i.e. save 80% and spend 20%, but I try to be close. There is nothing wrong with saving and diversifying your savings but it certainly depends on person to person.

CD’s or certificate deposits can be imagined as accounts where you store your money for a defined amount of time and you will keep on gaining interest while the money sits there. If you take out the money before the CD expires, you will receive nothing as interest, if you do it too early, you might even be fined. If…

Many startup employees don’t know how stock options work. Here are the basics.

1. They vest usually over 4 years either monthly, quarterly or annually. They’re not yours until they vest.

2. Once they vest you have a limited time window to exercise them. Usually 90 days after leaving the company. “Exercise” means you buy them.

3. Once you exercise them or if you sell them without holding them for 1 year you’ll pay income tax. If you hold them for 1 year you’ll pay capital gains tax (less than income tax).

4. They’re essentially worth nothing until there’s a…

At the most basic level, monitoring allows you to gain visibility into a system, which is a core requirement for judging service health and diagnosing your service when things go wrong. (Site Reliability Engineering — Google)

We are always trying to improve our monitoring techniques at CB Insights and certainly looking at ways to improve existing technologies that are already in place. We had been using telegraf + influx + chronograf for container monitoring. This tool was set up years ago and wasn’t scaling as per our needs, nobody really knew how it worked and the job of upkeep was often difficult. …

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” Robert Schuller.

Engineers try to solve a problem the right way where they should be trying to solve the right problem.

The DevOps team at CB Insights recently deployed an internal serverless application called “Directory”. It is a simple web app that lists all services and jobs within our application ecosystem. Directory details team owners, the language the service is written in, the libraries utilized by the service, code repository location, code coverage details and the protos used by the service.

The goal of Directory is to remove the hassle associated with finding basic information about our services by presenting the information…

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