Find What You Love and Let It Kill You.

I’ve walked into work when I got hit by a car. I’ve worked when I had broken ribs and even a semi-broken wrist. People have called me insane and a psychopath at times, but sometimes, all you need a little push to do the unthinkable.

I might never be able…

Engineers should never be attached to their creations.

It had started as an idea during my 2nd year of my undergrad. I envisioned it, I knew what all had to be done, I knew what had not to be done, and I knew that it might take some time to build it. I had a great friend back…

Stupidity at its finest.

The never-ending tale of “I told you so” from numerous systems engineers.

Adding instances/memory/vCPU’s is essentially just throwing hardware to fix a software problem. Unless a system runs a JAVA or SCALA application, an actual microservice in python/golang, etc., does not need more than 500Mb of memory; if any service consumes more than that is killed (OOM).

Performance and Scalability

A service is scalable if…

Stock options offer the opportunity to buy equity in the company at a later date.

Ask them for a very detailed offer letter rather than saying for eg: We’re giving you a 5% stake in the company.

1] What was the most recent appraisal ?
When this happens, the value of the stock options falls.

2] How big the discount would be, compared to preferred shares?

3] Can you tell me how the options are valued?
If the stocks weren’t values by Fair Market Value standards, then the…

A world-class company cannot retain its strategic edge unless talent pool which it comprises of isn’t retained. An organization should not only be magnet for extremely talented individuals, it also has to restrict churn by ensuring extraordinary talent are managed with extraordinary care.

1. Culture

Fostering an environment of extraordinary…

Simplified to its core, a shell really doesn’t do a whole lot: it loops forever, reads commands from the user, then executes them. When a program finishes executing, it displays that program’s output.

a. The shell reads the input, from the getline function STDIN (Standard Input), parses the input and its arguments (if supplied any). The shell also checks if the input entered is an alias of a sort, and expands the relevant value.

For eg: top -o cpu

b. The shell looks…

Divyendra Patil

Systems Engineer

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